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Renold Chain Europe and Global Amusement Operator a partnership in Theme Park solutions

Renold Chain Europe is happy to announce its collaboration with Global Amusement Operator and the introduction of their latest solution: a 6-inch solid chain, seamlessly integrating precision and durability. This solution boasts a range of innovative features, including a premium surface coating and heat-treated components. Designed to excel in diverse environments, the chain guarantees outstanding strength with a remarkable breaking load of 450KN.

Renold Chain Europe's strategic partnership with Global Amusement Operator, operating in over 60 theme parks worldwide, underscores confidence in the company's expertise and dedication to safety. Together, both companies are committed to ensuring the safety of amusement park guests.

Renold Chain Europe's commitment to excellence extends beyond this project, encompassing a relentless pursuit of reliability and innovation. With global manufacturing facilities and a wide array of standard and custom-designed chains, Renold Chain Europe remains at the forefront of precision engineering.

For further insights into Renold Chain Europe's innovative solutions, interested parties are encouraged to explore the comprehensive "Theme Park Solutions" brochure. 

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