Team Leader for Customer Success in Norway, Denmark and Baltic with office location in Norway.

Are you provided with a good SolidWorks and PDM knowledge, and do you enjoy daily operations equally with sales and ensuring that the processes are complied with standard processes in the Customer Success departments? And do you have the will to create results with a dedicated team? Are you able to provide the best possible relations with your customers and give them the opportunity to grow?
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You interact meaningfully with your customers, mainly by phone and online communications. You make sure that your customers are updated on the products and services.  We expect you to be proactive in contacting customers, and you have a natural interest in fulfilling visions for your customers. PLM Group operate based on their Nordic team and Baltic where all team members have a shared responsibility to contribute, help and grow the team, by sharing experiences and knowledge, across the team.

Primary responsibilities & skills

  • Maintaining relations to technical departments at all customers
  • Sell repeat license deals to all customerQualify for upsell opportunity in dialog with customer success, New Bizz
  • Dialog with business development managers regarding customer licenses and collaboration on strategic development plans for the customers
  • Sell services, upgrade CAD, recaptures the customers service agreements
  • Generate new license opportunities through customer sales interactions and occasionally through campaigns, leads or centralized activities
  • Performance management through remote management and at your location in Norway
  • Ongoing KPI reports to the Customer Experience Manager
  • Reports on development and improvement processes for the customer success teams

You assess and facilitate performance improvement plans across customer teams, to develop and help them grow within current and new processes and routines and also set the right directions and solutions, with a focus to what is best for the individual employee, for the department and not least for the customer. You will be an active part in supporting company strategies and focus areas of the year and following their latest updated sales strategy.

You will work closely with the Country Business Managers across group level and you will regularly travel to the Customer Success departments in Denmark and Estonia. 

You are used to work with performance management in a sales and performance organization and you are very conscious of your responsibilities. You have a clear leadership style towards the employees, and you appear proactive and as a strong person, who absolutely is driven by results. You communicate strongly and manage to execute on your tasks. 

You manage to build and develop the team around data development, drive this development and manages to draw data and conclusions from that data and report on to the Customer Experience Manager.

You are also a visionary person who manage to set directions and be confident and have the ability to make decisions. You focus on opportunities and continue until a task is solved, you are strong-willed and tries to influence with your goals. You meet others with confidence and are constructive and clearly in your feedback and you work structured with a clear plan for goals and results.

Language skills: You speak and write English at negotiation level.

IT Skills: Superuser in MS Office, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You are used to work with data from ERP systems and work with the data.

PLM Group and Teamworks has strengthen their platform and have joined forces as the Nordic and Baltic largest distributor of SOLIDWORKS software solutions. The main goal of the company is customer success with SOLIDWORKS. PLM Group has a unique knowledge of their customers and PLM Group develop together with the customers and have the ability to make their 5.000 customers competitive on the market. 

About 140 people are employed in PLM Group in the Nordic region - 40 of them in sales. SOLIDWORKS solutions are used to create 3D data that can be used to design, produce, deliver and service better products - faster and cheaper, this makes PLM Group so unique. PLM Group also sells 3D printers and courses that are very relevant to both the customer groups and the utilization of the products.


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JKS CAREER handles the recruitment for PLM Group Norway AS and if you are interested in applying for this exciting position, please submit an application, CV and relevant documents via Apply for position below. Apply as soon as possible as we will conduct interviews on an ongoing basis.

Due to the Personal Data Ordinance, we do not receive CVs and applications by mail.

If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact Head of Department Carina Due on tel. +45 2329 4411 or e-mail. cdu@jks.dk

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