Traveling mechanical supervisor for Marine Scrubbers

Plant Supervision is looking for a mechanical supervisor with international experience in erection and commissioning of mechanical marine equipment. It is preferable that you are familiar with life on ships or/and dockyards.
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A normal rotation starts at a port in east Asia, typically in China, but it could also be in Taiwan, Korea or Singapore.
Normally at arrival of the supervisor the mechanical and electrical erection of the scrubber is completed and the mechanical and electrical checkout can begin. Those tests are done with a united team consisting of a mechanical, an electrical and an automation supervisor. This team is mainly Europeans.
Initially the scrubber needs to be tested electrically/mechanically, followed with a functionality/sequence test.
A standard scrubber is foreseen to take 2-3 weeks at the dockyard. After a test on shore the team will sail off-shore to finalize the tests and do the sea trial.
The work rotation for a supervisor is foreseen to be around 4-6 weeks out and 3 weeks home. Flexibility is required. Extensions may occur and should be expected by the supervisor. Long daily working hours can be expected, but will be well honored. In this industry it is normal with 12 hours per day, so a good physical health is required.

Primary job description:

  • When the client’s erection team has finalized the erection of the scrubber, a united team consisting of mechanical, electrical and automation supervisor will arrive on the port and test the equipment.
  • When the cargo ship (most container and a few cruises) after 2-3 weeks are ready to depart, a sea trial test will be carried out and fine-tuned and the certificates completed towards the authorities.
  • Longer durations with permanent residence at the workplace is also an option.
  • Working in a safe manner without risk to themselves, others or the environment.
  • Comply with site rules in dock and vessel.
  • Report all incidents, near miss cases or HSE risks as instructed.
  • Correctly use all required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Schedule follow-up and reporting like daily/weekly/monthly reporting of work progress to the Chief Commissioning and equipment supplier.
  • Supervisor will train the crew when the test is finished. Equipment supplier will deliver sufficient training material.

Mechanical supervisor profile:

  • Candidate must have a mechanical background as blacksmith, mechanical engineer, marine engineer or similar background. 
  • Mechanical supervisor with good hands-on experience in test and commissioning of mechanical marine equipment.
  • Proven marine background.
  • Good health condition.
  • Good English communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • International project experience.
  • Proven record for working independent.
  • Supervisors living outside Europa is also very welcome to apply.

Job start:

  • Job start is expected to be in December 2019 or January 2020, but for the right candidate we are flexible. 


  • One-week intensive equipment training will be given.

Brief scrubber info:

A scrubber system is a complicated filter that cleans the exhaust gas from the ship's main engine by 'washing' the gas with water. The technology is mainly known from power plants on land and gas plants at sea.

The scrubber system functions both as a sulfur cleaner and a particle filter.

The global sulfur limits have globally been decided to be reduced from 3.5 per cent from 1 January 2020 onwards to 0.5%

To meet these requirements, the ships can either be driven by very clean fuel oil with a low sulfur content or removed from the exhaust.

There are often 2 scrubbers on a ship, one for the main engine and one for the generator.

You will  be a contract employee

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For applications or any questions, please write to Thomas.kristensen@plant-supervision.com in English or Danish

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