Injection Molding

17. januar 2024

We started our journey with injection moulding in 2007 where the focus was to make injection moulded prototypes.

In 2017 we decided to go all the way to produce parts in a larger scale.

With this decision also came a focus on quality control and management system followed by equipment for measuring on parts.

Today we have a wide range of machines installed in whiteroom facilities well equipped with robots.

Different screw sizes, and tooltemps up to 180º C

We cover a range of shotweight from Micro components and up to 110 grams.

Michael Lundbech A/S

Michael Lundbech A/S

Michael Lundbech A/S
Bragesvej 5
4100 Ringsted

Casper Carstensen
Telefon: +45 42428002
Fax: +45 57610984

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