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Aerospace and Defense

At GEODIS, our primary mission is to help you overcome your Aerospace and Defense logistical constraints. Our activities for the Aviation, Space, and ...

High Tech

The High Tech market is demanding, driven by innovations, and characterized by high-value products. GEODIS offers agile and secure solutions for all o ...


The healthcare market is experiencing a global transformation. This has already led to increasingly complex supply chain issues such as globalization ...


In a constantly changing market, automotive suppliers and car makers need flexibility and control over total costs. This, of course, brings greater ch ...


Your projects require a high level of technicality, a flawless approach, and pinpoint accuracy. In the field, you need to execute operations with vigi ...

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The market for fast-moving consumer goods entails the management of large volumes and strong turnover rates for your clients. High-frequency purchasin ...

Retail logistics and supply chain

Today's retailers face a dynamic environment characterized by digitally disruptive consumers and Retail supply chains that are challenged by issues su ...

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Fakta om GEODIS Denmark A/S

GEODIS Denmark A/S
Oliefabriksvej 29-43
2770 Kastrup

Tårnby Kommune

Telefon: +45 36998000

CVR nummer: DK35451714

P nummer: 1003045760

Ansatte: 165


Anja Bonilla
Afdeling: HR
Stilling: HR Manager
Direkte telefon: +45 22654025
Jesper Jensen
Afdeling: HR
Stilling: Recruitment & Onboarding Specialist
Direkte telefon: +45 26821891
Mia Gustavfson
Afdeling: Marketing
Stilling: Marketing & Communication Specialist
Direkte telefon: +45 31606419

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