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on your stern tube by 50% - and at the same time having a Class Approval for it.

Predictive machinery and oil maintenance has come to stay. One of C.C.JENSEN’s customers has chosen to equip thrusters and stern tubes with the CJC® Condition Monitoring Unit as well as subscribe to the CJC® T2render Pro – an online solution for monitoring oil & equipment conditions.

In total 80 systems are currently being installed and retrofitted on existing CJC® Offline Oil Filters on 11 different vessels.

The primary purpose of the CJC® CMU with T²render Pro is to:

✔️ Extend the docking intervals by 50 % for its vessels from 5 years to 7,5 years
✔️ Avoid having to pull a stern tube, that is in perfect working condition

In addition to this, the T²render Pro subscription will also help the shipowner to:

✔️ Predict machinery and oil breakdown early
✔️ Save costly expenditures on unexpected breakdowns

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